What Parents are saying about "Playground Legends" Camp...


"My boy said camp was fantastic. I don't know think he's used that word for anything before. Thank you Coach Dave!"   L.K. son age 6


"My daughter had never been able to reach a 10 foot basket. With the momentum loop that Coach Dave teaches, she was making baskets on Day 3! Knowing that this motion supports her shot as she grows older is incredible."   E.B. daughter age 6.

"Of all the camps my two boys have attended, I've never had a camp director or counselor ask me on the morning of day 2 how they liked the camp. Coach Dave did. I gave him feedback that my younger son gave me. Coach Dave made an adjustment that really shifted within my son and he had an amazing experience the rest of the week!"   Melissa S. sons age 7 & 9.

What player and private session parents say about Coach Dave... 


"My son Henry has been working with Coach David Snedeker over the last nine months.  Given that Henry was 7 years old when they started and had no formal basketball instruction up to that point I wanted to make sure he was in the right hands. 


Coach Dave has exceeded my expectations in all areas.  He provides basketball fundamentals in a manner that can only be achieved from someone with his experience of playing at such a high level.  All the lessons Henry has with Dave engage him and he leaves wanting to practice and play more.  In my opinion, Coach Dave does not just provide a terrific foundation to become a great basketball player but a foundation that my son will be able to use in all aspects of life."


  - Christopher Simon


"My 13 year old son has been playing basketball (as well as other sports) for the major portion of his life now. He has had many coaches throughout these years.

In my opinion, none have been able to take my son to a higher level in any sport better than Dave Snedeker.

First, he has a very extensive background in high profile programs, which gives him a knowledge that is hard to come by in sports for youngsters. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a big difference. Being someone who has coached quite a bit myself, I know that being able to pinpoint areas of a child’s game that are in need of improvement is a very key aspect of being beneficial as a coach. Coach Dave is great at this.
But, what I consider the most important attribute of Coach Dave, is his temperament. We have had coaches that don’t do very much and coaches that yell a lot and coach based on fear. And everything in between.

Coach Dave really connects well with the kids and takes the time to explain WHY something is beneficial or not. He makes it make sense to the kids. And because of this, he really gets results that are measurable. The systems he teaches also promote the playing of basketball to be done in a thoughtful and intelligent way."
    ~ David Scharf

Coach Dave's extensive knowledge, passion and love for the game has mentally and physically improved my sons game on and off the court. His philosophy of shooting which he calls the Five F's (fingers, foundation, flow, follow through and finish) has drastically improved my son's shot and confidence. I can truly say that my son will take away many valuable lessons that coach Dave has shared and many more as he continues his basketball journey with a great and caring coach.
    ~ Philip Libertore

"One of the greatest gifts you have given Beck is confidence as a player and a person. His shot has definitely improved. His dribbling has improved and he doesn’t throw the ball away as much in the heat of the game. I know he respects you and thinks very highly of you, as do Bill and I."

     Lori & Bill Garcia

"Coach Dave not only teaches the fundamentals of basketball, he teaches the philosophy. He engages the players minds as well as using his vast knowledge of strength and agility training, to engage their core physical strengths. As I sit through many practices, it is very apparent Coach Dave truly knows the game and how to teach his knowledge in a manner that all understand. My sons confidence on the court, as well as skill and love for the game has grown immensely over the last year of working with Coach Dave. We look forward to continuing our sons education in basketball with him."
  ~ Yleana Carter

"Basketball is much more than running, dribbling and shooting.

Basketball is a fluid game, requiring  situation analysis and split

second decision making in order to succeed. The basketball

teachings (or as I look at it education) of Coach Dave has done

wonders to not only improve my son’s game from a fundamental

standpoint but also he has given my son confidence in making

those key decisions during a game."

  - Rich Wiener

Dear Coach Dave,

There are many ways that you have been a positive influence on Jackson. The most important influence has been the idea of discipline and responsibility to the game. Jackson has a far better understanding that basketball is not only about fun, but also a commitment to the team. As a member of the team he has a responsibility to be ready to play and to be prepared as to what is his role on the team. He has learned from you to appreciate his team and to acknowledge what the other players do to add to his game. Along with this you have helped him improve so much as a player. I can remember when he would never shoot the ball. Now when the ball is in his hands, he is looking to shoot, and when he does pass, it is because it is the better option.

Marie Parks

David has done a great job as our son's basketball coach. He teaches that

the team comes before the individual -- it¹s not about taking the ball from
one end of the court to the other showing off one¹s skills, it¹s about
playing as a team -- and this turns the individuals into great all-around
players. They learn to see the court, to think quickly, to play defense as
well as offense, while also improving their skills and having fun playing
the game they love.

David is also an excellent game coach -- the team is
able to experience success, but also to learn from their failures. We feel
that Coach Dave is giving our son the tools he needs to achieve his goal of
playing basketball on a highly competitive high school team and perhaps even
in college.

Richard and Laura Bess

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