The Warriors



The Warriors play a pressing, high scoring and exciting style of play! Each player learns the key fundamentals of the game, physically, emotionally and mentally. Players improve significantly in our Holistic Hoops system.

We have openings for 9 year olds up to 15 year olds in Los Angeles and the Westside.


2 Practices!


Tuesday Practice 12U - 15U

6-7:30 PM
LACES (Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies)
5931 W 18th St, LA, CA 90035
Friday Practice 12U - 15U
7-9 pm
Culver City High School Gym
4401 Elenda St. CC, CA
Call Coach Dave for tryout information and/or to be connected with parents of our program: 

21 year veteran NCAA Head Coach                        

of Old Westbury NY drops in to speak to the Warriors!


Pro development coach, private session master and former NCAA coach                                    speaks to the Warriors about the jump shot and lifetime relationships formed through basketball! 

FRANKLIN MARTIN Click here for tryout request.

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The Warriors at the premier of Long Shot: The Kevin Laue Story