"Ball on a String", "Fluid Motion Shot" and "Laser Focus"

Players quickly learn advanced ball handling and the difference between a shooter and a scorer as they advance through Westside Waldorf Boy's and Girl's Coach, David Snedeker and his highly touted teaching system "Holistic Hoops".

Holistic Hoops is a unique way of looking at the game of basketball. It's about creating an environment where a player can soar figuratively and literally. Our players become fundamentally sound in the game of basketball through super learning techniques, positive reinforcement, sharing the love of the game and the joy that comes with that.

Players experiencing our system have become smarter, quicker, stronger, faster. and jump higher. These are all skills that can be learned and improved quickly in the Holistic Hoops system, whether the child is relatively new to the game or has been in love with the game for years. Once the child sees the improvement in his game through attention and hard work, we anchor that to the realization that he has the ability to succeed at anything he chooses to pursue!

Skill Session Schedule


Monday ages 10-13 5:15-6:45 Reed Park

Wednesday ages 8-10, 4-5:30 Reed Park

Friday ages 6-8, 3:00-4:30 Rustic Canyon Rec

Coming Soon: Saturday ages 8-13, 9-11 Reed Park


Call or Text Coach Dave for availability 310-266-4150

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